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DISCLAIMER: I am not a linguistic scholar*, I am not a degreed professor, I am not ordained by man for anything in this world. I am merely a child of God, brought into adoption through obedience to Christ and the baptism that adorned me with His grace.

I am also a woman, who bears the blessing of education, the gift of discernment, the desire for wisdom, and the realization that several strongly held beliefs in the church tradition of my upbringing — that I had clung to for years, mainly with a desire to not upset my parents — are flat-out wrong, exclusionary, and centered on man and not Christ.

This earth-shattering (or should I say, glass ceiling-shattering?) revelation has rocked my worldview — and has set fire to my passion for Christ once more.

This blog is not meant to be a podium (though it might serve as one sometimes), but an exploration past the gates of tradition, into the territory of enlightened aleithia*. Most of the time, it will be musing on the scripture and arguing against man-made traditions that limit the spiritual freedom for which Jesus shed His blood. Sometimes, it will be book or blog reviews, or a blogroll. Sometimes I might lose steam and not post for some time. Please don’t give up on me; I’m a busy mom, too.

ALL the time, it will be a plea for us to examine our reasoning and put aside our idols of tradition in favor of working for the good of Christ’s Kingdom.

I welcome all discussion, but ask you to be friendly and kind, and control any urges to smack someone upside the head with the biggest King James Bible you can find. I will moderate comments at my discretion.

God’s blessings and mercy be upon you!

*Even though I’m not a Greek scholar or even linguist, I am aware that “aleithia” is not the best transliteration of the word (ἀληθής), but it comes close enough, and every good spelling was taken. As often as I’m able, I’ll strive to be as true to the translations and scriptures I seek to interpret. I will also strive to correct myself if I find I am wrong — and be grateful for patient guidance when it is applicable.

2 responses to “About

  1. Charles Summers

    I love examining the convention, challenging preconceived notions, well done, it has always been about Jesus!

  2. Thomas Roberts

    Great post!

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